A holistic approach is the best approach: the Fairsted team combines extensive experience in a wide range of areas to offer families and businesses a multi-disciplinary approach to strategic development and land planning. What makes our team unique? We combine expertise in real estate development, urban planning, land use planning, architecture, and urban design with experience in family office operations, and family governance.  The result is a team that offers real estate acquisition, development, disposition, preservation, conservation and land use guidance while understanding the desires of families and businesses, including:

  • Ensuring family and business legacy
  • Educating, sustaining and nurturing the next generation
  • Supporting philanthropic opportunities and achieving broad family goals
  • Exploring thoughtful solutions and strategies within an existing family office/business governance structure
  • Making strategic decisions to ensure the health of family operating companies now and in the future
  • Maintaining confidentiality

The range of services we offer includes:

  • Assess in-house capacity for real estate development and assist in understanding what outside advisors and consultants are needed
  • Market assessment of what is possible and how development can be successful
  • Branding and conceptual visioning for development
  • Outreach to other developers to engage in collaborative marketing for all adjacent developments
  • Create a plan and timeline for all steps in the development process
  • Due diligence and selection of consultants and advisors
  • Connections to financing sources and possible development partners
  • Advice on the structure of development deals, assessment of financial needs and arrangements, and consideration of family goals (sale, long-term annuity, develop and manage?)
  • Urban planning services including liaison with city planning department, meeting with public officials, and crafting a community engagement strategy
  • Community outreach to gather input and build support for projects
  • Schematic scenarios and financial feasibility models for development choices (size, uses, costs)

Every family owns land and homes. Every business has real property.  Cities change, business trends shift, families grow and move. Fairsted Advisors provides a competitive edge to families facing transitions in real property holdings by providing comprehensive, unbiased, multi-disciplinary guidance on real estate, land planning and development concerns. Our team offers:

  • Land use planning, real estate development advice, architectural guidance, city planning expertise, and knowledge of philanthropy
  • Familiarity working in a family office environment
  • Experience working with family operating companies
  • Extensive practical experience informed by our academic and research work
  • Access to expertise, advisors, and potential partners in a broad range of fields
  • Cutting edge ideas and the financial acumen to bring them to reality  

We work with clients to develop a complete understanding of the many creative and value-added solutions available to achieve the highest and best use of property through value.  Value includes:

  • Profit, revenue and long term viability
  • Family/business reputation and legacy
  • Contributions to society and communities
  •  Cutting edge ideas and best practices in planning, development and asset management

Explore the stories below to see how we serve families, operating companies, and their advisors::

Each Property has a Story

We listen.  Each story is unique and requires a thoughtful approach. We understand complex projects. Projects have unique personalities and individual characters. We haven’t met a project yet that doesn’t have potential. From family compounds and waterfront property to urban infill, historic preservation and industrial land there is always an opportunity to collaborate, partner and get creative. Complex projects require many partners and innovative thinking to create successful and financially viable and profitable opportunities.  We bring our experience and network of experts to the table to identify new solutions to age-old problems.

Each Family has a Story 

We listen.  Where families may only see challenges, we see potential.  We are realistic AND we dream big. We are more than just real estate developers, urban planners, architects, sustainability experts, family office professionals and academics. We synthesize all of these skills within the bigger world of your family, your operating company, your goals.  Our methodical and inclusive approach provides confidence--giving all stakeholders the same information and a thorough interpretation of the data, possibilities and challenges.  Our combination of practice and research allows the Fairsted team to approach the process holistically to allow families to consider values, goals, risk tolerance and investment expectations within the context of current trends and opportunities and in consideration of family or business legacy.