The City you live in needs economic development and investment.  The Main Street has empty storefronts, there are vacant historic buildings and the downtown is empty after dark.  You remember the days when this was a vital and thriving marketplace and you want to help.  How can you support the town’s redevelopment in a responsible and significant way?  Where do you start with your philanthropic interests? How can you determine the catalyst investments/projects that can spur revitalization.

The Fairsted Team brings over two decades of working with public sector clients and in communities to the table when helping families and foundations achieve goals. From arts and culture support to the revitalization of Main Street and knowledge of markets, tools, and incentive programs, our team of planners, placemakers and real estate development experts provides clients with a broad stroke analysis and vision to ensure best scenarios /strategies.  We assess the political environment, can serve as liaison/negotiator with public agencies, and manage engagement with abutters and the community to ensure you are directing investment in impactful ways.  

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