Your firm is advising a family office or business and there are many expert professionals on the larger family team.  Each brings a unique perspective and important information, data and experience to the table. While the family may have property management experience, larger issues of redevelopment and/or disposition present challenges outside the bounds of in-house expertise.  Perhaps some family members have more detailed knowledge and experience of real estate and land planning than others. Decision makers may be working from different points of understanding of the issues and data. How can all members of the team be on one map for moving forward? How can all the expertise and recommendations be evaluated so the best choices can be made? What are the options for moving forward and what is the capacity of family and staff to fill needed roles? How do available choices fit with the family goals and desires regarding investments, legacy, and philanthropy?

Fairsted works with family advisors to assist the team in distilling and interpreting data and information so that all decision makers are on the same map---using the same information and understanding to discuss, deliberate and decide on the steps to move forward.  We create frameworks for strategic planning to allow clients to move forward and we assist advisors in posing the right questions and ensuring all the information is available to allow the team to make educated choices.  Fairsted offers a holistic view of the political, economic, social and family landscape to ensure that all that all the possible outcomes are anticipated and discussed and that families and their team of advisors are prepared to move forward toward successful outcomes.