The family compound or vacation property was purchased many years ago by past generations,  now deceased.  Multiple structures and access easements controlled by different trusts and branches of the family create questions about options for going forward. With multiple heirs, there are challenges around property governance, time-sharing arrangements, and maintenance/improvement decisions. Family members seek to understand the options for future use, the benefits of collaborative problem solving, and strategies to address the complexities of the generational mathematics that make these properties challenging to maintain and enjoy. Or perhaps a sale is in the future.  How do blocking rights by some affect property values for all and what are fair methods for decision making and the valuation of separately owned parcels? How do conservation or other deed restrictions affect future use or sale potential?

Issues of property sharing, easements, and planning for future generations bring family emotions, differing goals and values, and legacy planning to the forefront. An objective holistic approach can provide families with the information and facts needed to make decisions and retain relationships.