Each Property has a Story

We listen.  Each story is unique and requires a thoughtful approach. We understand complex projects. Projects have unique personalities and individual characters. We haven’t met a project yet that doesn’t have potential. From family compounds and waterfront property to urban infill, historic preservation and industrial land there is always an opportunity to collaborate, partner and get creative. Complex projects require many partners and innovative thinking to create successful and financially viable and profitable opportunities.  We bring our experience and network of experts to the table to identify new solutions to age-old problems.

Each Family has a Story 

We listen.  Where families may only see challenges, we see potential.  We are realistic AND we dream big. We are more than just real estate developers, urban planners, architects, sustainability experts, family office professionals and academics. We synthesize all of these skills within the bigger world of your family, your operating company, your goals.  Our methodical and inclusive approach provides confidence--giving all stakeholders the same information and a thorough interpretation of the data, possibilities and challenges.  Our combination of practice and research allows the Fairsted team to approach the process holistically to allow families to consider values, goals, risk tolerance and investment expectations within the context of current trends and opportunities and in consideration of family or business legacy.

Explore the stories below to see how we serve families, operating companies, and their advisors: : 

The Fairsted Prescriptive Assessment

Whether your goal is to sell, ground lease, develop or simply value the real estate you have, Fairsted Advisors can provide an initial evaluation of your property or portfolio to help you determine the best next steps. We use our decades of experience in real estate, planning and architecture to provide you with an understanding of what you have.

Every property is different and much depends on location, political climate, local economic markets and forces, and family/company goals and values. The development of a long-term strategy to develop or dispose of your property requires a site visit, preliminary review of background materials, assessment of the local political and economic climates, and some conversations with you.


The Benefits?

You will have information that provides a baseline to bring everyone at the decision-making table onto the same map to ensure productive discussions about moving forward.

We will provide a prescriptive analysis that provides our initial understanding of the conditions and proposed next steps for how we can help you.  We will be frank about whether we can assist you or not, and if necessary, will make recommendations on others who can.

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