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SUSAN SILBERBERG, AIA, APA, Co-Founder and Director

As a Director of Fairsted, LLC, Susan Silberberg combines her professional experience as a city planner, urban designer, architect, author and MIT Lecturer with her long-time work with family offices. Susan has spent two decades working with property owners, public officials, communities, not-for-profits, developers, and foundations to revitalize communities, spur economic development, create vibrant public places, and craft strategic plans that get results.  Susan is the Founder of CivicMoxie, LLC, a planning, urban design and placemaking group.  Her teaching and research at MIT have been supported by national foundations and competitive research grants and her academic work allows her to bring the most current and innovative thinking to her clients. Susan is lead author of the 2013 MIT white paper on placemaking titled Places in the Making that offers lessons for developers and private land owners as well as non-profit foundations, among others, on value gained from planning projects and public spaces with the end user in mind.  Susan has a Master in City Planning degree from MIT and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.  She is on the Board of Historic Boston, Inc., a non-profit developer of endangered historic properties.  In February 2015, Susan has been invited to present to the UN council on Economic Development in Geneva.  Her recent TEDx talk explores the role of local placemaking in effecting global change. 


ALEXANDRA STROUD, AIA, LEED AP, Co-Founder and Director

Sandi Stroud has over twenty years of experience as a real estate development consultant providing a comprehensive approach to development. Sandi brings best practices, common sense and experience working in both the public and private sector in cities throughout the US. Through her consulting company, Urban Focus LLC, for the past two and a half years she provided technical assistance to the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and sixteen affordable housing developers as part of a $29 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program award from HUD.   Sandi also led a team of experts including Susan Silberberg to support the City of Jacksonville, Florida and assess the feasibility of developing artist space in the downtown. Project tasks ranged from conducting a market study for artist space, evaluating appropriate buildings for redevelopment, creating an overall artist district concept and providing sample design scenarios and project pro formas to test feasibility and engage developers.   As founding Director of the Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development at Tulane, Sandi created and implemented a curriculum combining sustainability and real estate development.  She has a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from Tulane University.  Sandi is speaking at the 2014 GreenBuild conference in New Orleans entitled HEALTH MATTERS: DESIGNING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES THAT LEARN.